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Turbomachinery Equipment is used in all types of industries and applications. Some of these are challenging and require Specialty Filters that meet stringent demands. On request TM Filters can deliver filtration products that exceed API 614 requirements and achieve laboratory grade efficiencies as good as β0,2µm > 1000.

Industry challenges encountered are:

  • Water removal from fuel
  • Aggressive liquid filtration
  • Extremely high operating pressure & temperatures
  • Hazardous applications

TM Filters designs custom filter solutions for uses where commercially available filters do not meet the application demands.


  • Non Welded Filter Systems Available in Single (1x100%) and Duplex (2x100%) configurations
  • Pressure vessels acc. ASME VIII, PED or any other pressure vessel code on request
  • Inlet, Outlet, Drain & Vent connections can be fitted to all available connections
  • Sizes ranging from ½ inch to 8 inch
  • Pressures exceeding 1000 bar(g) (14500 psi(g)) Temperatures exceeding 350°C (662°F)

Filter elements:

  • Particle removal and/or liquid-liquid coalescing
  • Standard glass fiber filter media with glued stainless steel end caps
  • Standard Stainless steel filter media with welded Stainless steel end caps
  • Any Exotic filter media available on request
  • High collapse pressure filter element > 10bar(g) (145psi(g)) available on request
  • Filter efficiencies ranging from 500µm to 0,2µm (laboratory grade)

Filter system material:

  • Standard Stainless Steel ASTM 316L
  • Any Exotic materials available on request

Transfer valves:

  • Zero leak Double 3 Way Ball Valves
  • Zero leak Double Block & Bleed 3 Way Ball Valves
  • All Transfer Valves are Full Bore

Optional equipment:

  • TM Filters or any other make vent and drain valves
  • Differential pressure instrumentation
  • Pressure safety or Thermal relief valves
  • Mounted on a base frame special name plates
  • Any other customer preferences on request
If you have any questions please send us an email at
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