TM Filters


After Sales Service

TM Filters, a manufacturer of Turbomachinery filters, Design and Manufacture Filtration Systems for Turbomachinery Market. The after sales service is an essential criterion for our success. Long lasting customer loyalty is evidence of the quality of our product and customer specific services aligned with fast repairing and service performance.

Via company internal service feedback our service staff transmits customer requirements and product improvements to the responsible departments.

Independent of the service you expect, we provide:

  1. Repair service within 48 hours worldwide
  2. Maintenance worldwide
  3. Spare parts delivery for TM Filters products
  4. Customer oriented training
  5. Upgrades
  6. Online consulting

Spare Parts Service

TM Filters supplies complete turbomachinery filter systems of first class quality. Our employees and a comprehensive logistic system enable the appropriate individual, fast and qualified service.

Please include the following information to your spare parts enquiry:

  1. Contact details (incl. phone, e-mail)
  2. Year of construction Model
  3. Serial and spare parts number (required information)
  4. Send your enquiry via E-mail to
If you have any questions please send us an email at
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