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Too much moisture, whether gas is compressed, used as a sealing media or burned as fuel will have negative impact on the performance and endurance of Turbomachinery Equipment. As a final filtration step, coalescing filters are used to remove liquid aerosols. When gas contains liquids or moisture that exceeds 50% of a coalescing filter capacity a Knock Out Filter is used to remove the bulk of liquid/moisture from the gas. On request TM Filters can deliver filtration products that exceeds API 614 requirements and achieve laboratory grade efficiencies as good as β0,2µm > 1000.

TM Filters deliver high efficiency Knock Out Filters that have low pressure drop and maintenance free operation, except when a filter element is installed in addition. Our Knock Out Filters can be delivered as stand-alone units or as a combination with coalescing filter elements in a complete system.


  • Non Welded Filter Systems
  • Pressure vessels acc. ASME VIII, PED or any other pressure vessel code on request
  • Inlet, Outlet, Drain & Vent connection can be fitted with all industry standard connections
  • Sizes ranging from ½ inch to 8 inch in all industry standard pressure classes
  • TM Filters can design the complete filter system to meet customer requirements


Stage 1:

  • Cyclone

Stage 2:

  • Demister

Stage 3:

  • Filter Element:
    • Particulate
    • Coalescing
    • Particulate & Coalescing integrated

Note: Any combination of stages can be configured on request

Filter system material:

  • Standard Stainless steel ASTM 316L
  • Other or Exotic materials available on request

Optional equipment:

  • TM Filter or any other make vent and drain valves
  • Differential pressure instrumentation
  • Pressure safety or Thermal relief valves
  • Level gauges mounted on a base frame
  • Special name plates
  • Any other customer preferences on request
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